An Army of Frogs – Coming to Screens Soon!

Specials Based On First Book Of Trilogy From Writer, Producer  Trevor Pryce

LOS ANGELES, PRNewswire/ — Nicolas Atlan and Mike Young, Co-CEOs of Splash Entertainment, LLC™ ( and Trevor Pryce (, Principal at Outlook Company, announced today that they have started production on three new 66-minute animated specials Kulipari: Army of Frogs (I, II & III), based on a trilogy of books created by the former NFL Superstar and Super Bowl Champion.

Born from Trevor’s fear of frogs as a child, the trilogy’s first book, An Army of Frogs from Abrams Books, is the basis for the three Kulipari: Army of Frogs specials (to purchase book: The following volumes that will complete the trilogy are The Rainbow Serpent and Amphibians End.

Splash Entertainment Partners With Former Professional Athlete Trevor Pryce And His Outlook Company To Produce Three New Animated Specials, “Kulipari: Army of Frogs”
Kulipari takes place in a fantasy version of the Australian outback where the peaceful amphibians are attacked by an army of scorpions and spiders. It’s a story of bravery and heroism as an unlikely hero saves them all from certain extinction.

“When I first created the Kulipari universe, I knew I couldn’t be alone in thinking that poisonous frogs taking on scorpions in the outback sounded kinda cool. Turns out I was right. I wasn’t alone, because Nic, Mike and the team at Splash have embraced the ideology, tone, story and high standards that have been set by all that have worked in the Kulipari sandbox so far,” commented Pryce.

“The artists, the writers, the game developers and publishers have given their all to the idea and the IP, and I’m very excited about and trust where Splash wants to take it next in the continuation of the ever expanding and evolving Kulipari landscape,” added Pryce.

“The core to Kulipari is the idea of belief. Belief in yourself and your abilities, belief in friendship and love. Belief that even when facing impossible odds, you can conquer all if you choose to take them head on. What better message could we be sending to young kids today,” commented Atlan.

“We are thrilled to be working with Trevor and his team on such a unique property, and we anticipate that Kulipari will be one of the great brands to emerge in the next few years,” added Young.

Kulipari: Army of Frogs follows the adventures of a group of peaceful amphibians who live in quietude and safety thanks to an elite group of super powered frogs called the Kulipari. Suddenly this tranquil environment is turned upside down when a villainous army of spiders and scorpions threatens the frogs. Enter our hero, Darel, a young frog who one day dreams of joining the Kulipari despite his lack of experience and limited fighting skills. With the help of a motley crew of friends, Darel will suddenly have the chance to become the warrior of his dreams.

About Outlook Company
A multimedia company that was born from the record label Trevor Pryce started of the same name, Outlook Company, has developed scripted material for Sony Pictures, HBO, ABC, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network among others. Properties and production includes the “FOSTER BROUSSARD: Demons of Coloma” comic book along with producing a documentary for Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Master recordings owned by popular recording artists such as Daphne Loves Derby and Vaux. Currently developing a period drama with ITV. OCD (outlook company digital) launching Kulipari: Battalions IOS game fall 2014. Kulipari: Reefwar console game for PS4/XBOX1 spring 2016.

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